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Leading Floor Coverings International of West University has shown me a big trend. Many homeowners are choosing to install Hardwood Floor over their old floors. Thanks to new wood flooring tech, this has become a popular choice, especially for those who like DIY projects. The Floorté Hardwood Series, for instance, is a waterproof, engineered wood that can transform a room without tearing out the old floor.

These planks are tough against water and scratches. They make both a pretty and useful update to your home. While they may show some wear in busy spots, my clients love their new wood flooring. A nice, flat subfloor and following the maker’s rules are key. It’s a mix of art and careful work that lifts your home’s look.

Key Takeaways

  • Hardwood can be installed over existing floors, revolutionizing home renovations.
  • DIY-friendly products like the Floorté Hardwood Series are making significant waves.
  • Pre-installation demands include ensuring an even subfloor for optimal outcomes.
  • Resilient to both water and damage, engineered planks offer functional benefits.
  • While wear is possible, clients overwhelmingly appreciate the update.
  • Consulting Flooring Contractors can be key to flawless installation.

Transform Your Living Space with a Simple Hardwood Upgrade

Hardwood refinishing can easily refresh your home. Many kinds of flooring materials are available, like durable engineered wood floors. These choices boost your home’s look and value. Hickory, maple, and oak are popular choices. They offer many styles and colors.

Matching new wood floors with old ones can be tough. You often need special lumber, like rift and quartered wood, for a perfect match. I help homeowners find these flooring materials. This way, their flooring exceeds expectations.

  • Selection of high-quality materials that compliment the existing decor.
  • Use of appropriate moisture barriers to protect against potential damage.
  • Strategic layout techniques, sorting boards by quality and size to prevent patterns from repeating.

By taking careful steps, my clients get a professional hardwood refinishing look. This improves both beauty and function of their homes. Whether you like DIY or hiring pros, the right flooring upgrade makes a big difference.

Maximize Value by Layering Hardwood Over Your Current Floors

Adding new hardwood over old flooring does more than look good. It also raises your home’s value. At Floor Coverings International, we use high-quality products like the Floorté Hardwood Series. This flooring is both tough like luxury vinyl and beautiful like hardwood. It’s great for flooring installation and making interiors look better.

Getting a perfect finish means preparing the subfloor well. A bumpy base can cause big problems later. So, getting the base right is important. We also have floating floors from Shaw Floors. They’re easy to put in, which DIY lovers like. But, hiring expert flooring contractors is smart for top-notch laminate flooring installation.

FeatureBenefitsBest For
Floorté Hardwood SeriesMix of vinyl ruggedness and hardwood beautyHigh-traffic areas
Subfloor PreparationPrevents future flooring issuesLong-term installations
Shaw Floors Floating SystemsEasy to install and DIY-friendlyQuick renovations

We focus on good subfloor preparation and use the best materials. This way, your floors will look great and stay strong. If installing makes you nervous, our experts at Floor Coverings International can help. They’ll assist you at every step. This ensures your investment is safe and your home looks beautiful.

Discovering the Perfect Hardwood Floor Installation for Your Home

When looking for the perfect hardwood floor, remember it’s about fitting your lifestyle and home’s look. Choices like oak’s warmth, hickory’s resilience, or maple’s elegance help tailor to your needs. Each wood type has its own benefits for style and use.

Good hardwood repair and floor sanding make your floors last longer and stay beautiful. The best flooring contractors will not only install the planks well. They’ll also give tips on keeping the floor looking great, especially in busy spots.

Choosing the right hardwood depends on the room’s needs. For moist areas, some woods work better than others. Here’s what to think about when picking:

Wood TypeCharacteristicsBest Used In
OakDurable, Classic AppearanceLiving Rooms, Hallways
MapleLight Color, Minor Grain VisibilityKitchens, Dining Areas
HickoryHighly Durable, Varied PatternsHigh-Traffic Areas

Good floor sanding brings out the wood’s beauty. And proper hardwood repair fixes issues for a strong, lovely floor.

I aim to help you find and install the perfect hardwood. We’ll cover everything from choosing the wood to the finishing sanding touches. There’s nothing like the feel of a new hardwood floor that fits your home and style just right.

Preparing for Your Hardwood Installation: Subfloor Considerations

Hardwood Floor Installation is more than what you see. Before starting, my team checks the subfloor carefully. It’s about making your floors last and stay strong. A subfloor that’s uneven can cause creaks or make your floors warp.

Getting ready for installation, we sometimes need to remove baseboards. This helps reach every edge perfectly. We use a special technique to cover gaps that let the wood breathe. Every little detail matters for the floor below your feet.

Moisture in your subfloor is a big no-no. In my flooring work, I’ve learned moisture can ruin hardwood. We check and fix any moisture problems to avoid future damage. Knowing about Engineered Wood Floors helps us prepare well. This means your floor will be solid and look beautiful.


Can hardwood flooring be installed over existing floors?

Yes, hardwood flooring can go over floors like ceramic tiles or old wood. It’s important the subfloor is even and stable. The Floorté Hardwood Series makes this easier and DIY-friendly.

What are the benefits of refinishing my engineered wood floors?

Refinishing hardwood can make your engineered wood floors look new. It removes scratches and adds a fresh finish. This updates your space without having to replace the floor.

How do I choose the right flooring material for my hardwood upgrade?

Choose flooring materials by considering the room’s use, wood durability, and your desired look. Hardwoods like oak, maple, and hickory offer many colors, grains, and styles.

Is it possible to increase the value of my home by installing laminate flooring over my current floors?

Adding new laminate flooring over current floors can make your home look modern and increase its value. Laminate planks are affordable and mimic hardwood without the hardwood cost.

Can I repair damaged areas of my hardwood floors or will I need to replace them completely?

Often, you can fix damaged hardwood floors, like scratches, dents, or water damage. A pro can do repairs or partial replacements, avoiding a full floor change.

Why is subfloor preparation important before installing engineered wood floors?

Good subfloor prep stops problems like squeaking or uneven surfaces later. A level subfloor means your engineered floors will be well-supported and look great long-term.

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